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NIT&MS hostel rooms are comfortably furnished and make for a good home away from home stay.


There are two floors, ground floor has 22 rooms and the first floor has 24 rooms. Among 22 rooms in the ground floor, 20 rooms are allowed to accommodate students, one room is allotted exclusively for warden office and another room for hostel incharge to stay in the hostel. Total no. of students : Currently 80 students are residing in the hostel out of which few of them are from Nepal.
Room capacity is 3 students per room.
Each individual student is provided with a cot, a table , chair and a separate wardrobe
Inaddition the hostel has
Well equipped mess serving vegetarian food
Exclusive TV hall for recreation
Hi-speed net access
Library facility for hostel students with wide range of books
24 hrs water supply
24 hrs power supply
High end washing machine facility
24 hrs security
Reading room

Students can relax themselves by involving in indoor or outdoor games such as chess, carom, ball badminton etc., during their leisure time.

Hostel Guidelines

Hostel members should exercise all possible economy in the use of water and electricity.
Heaters or similar electrical appliances should not be used in the rooms. They should not meddle with the fittings already in their rooms or make any additional connections.
Smoking and Consumption of alcoholic beverages in the hostel premises is an offence which will attract serious penalties.
Members should avoid causing disturbances to other residents in any manner whatsoever.
No boarder outside his class hours in the college shall be away from the hostel except in the evenings but shall return back before 10:30 p.m. The hostel main gate once closed by 10:30 p.m will not be opened till 6 a.m next day and no hostelite will be allowed to enter the hostel during this period under any circumstances. If it is absolutely necessary to go out at other timings or for some days, he shall make an application in writing to the Warden stating the reason and obtain prior permission.
It is important that perfect silence is maintained after 10:00 p.m.
Playing games inside the hostel or any type of loud talking or discussion, shouting, singing or playing on the musical instruments or indulging in activities that would affect the peaceful atmosphere for studies is prohibited.
Ladies visitors are not allowed in the hostel.
The key of the room shall always be in possession of the member and handing over the key to any non-member or for the casual use by friend is strictly prohibited. Keeping the keys on the door or window frame is not permitted. Anyone doing so will be facing the risk involved in such acts.
Guests /Parents are not allowed to stay in the rooms along with the students. They can be accommodated in the guest rooms on written permission from the warden /Manager on prescribed guest charges. All Hostel staff work under the Council of Wardens. Defects in service, if any should be brought directly to the notice of the Council of Wardens.
Committees and in charge namely canteen/Mess, anti-ragging Committee, and Maintenance Committee and Vigilance and Discipline committee constituted by the Hostel Management for every academic year, which will assist the Council of Wardens to run and maintain the hostel and mess facilities in an efficient and smooth manner. All the committees will report directly to Council of Warden for redressal of their problems. The term of the Committee shall be one academic year. In case of delay in formation of the new committee after the expiry of the term of one committee, The Council of Wardens may request the committee in office to continue for such period as may be decided upon by him.
These committees shall take active interest in general welfare of the students residing in the hostel and assist the council of wardens in maintaining the living standards and suggest improvements. They also report any unauthorised use of hostel and bring to notice any untoward incidence occuring in the Hostel on the condition that he shall put in complete attendance in the college and in the hostel and maintain good academic records both in the class and in the examinations.
Such hostel residents who wish to vacate the hostel either in the beginning or during the academic session will get only their Security Deposit, however, will be refunded only after completing the course of officially relieved from NIT & MS.

No permission will be granted to any boarder to maintain a vehicle as long as he is a member of the hostel.
No guest is permitted to stay with any boarder. In case of serious illness of a boarder, a male relative or a friend will be allowed to stay with him for a specific period at the discretion of the Warden /Manager.
Seat already allotted to a boarder shall never be changed to the name of anybody else at any part of the year.
If the boarder has a visitor, he may be entertained for a brief period in the room after getting entries made by him in the log book maintained by the watch and ward. If any guest is found to be living in any room without the knowledge of the Warden / Manager, the residents of the room will be charged Rs.500/- per day which shall be charged by manager. Repeated violation of this norm may invite severe penalties including expulsion from the hostel.
No function shall be organized, no collection made by way of contributions from the boarders to any fund, no dignitaries invited and no staff from other colleges invited or allowed to lecture without the written permission of the Warden.
Celebration of any festival, Birthday parties or event of provisional, National or International importance shall not be allowed without the knowledge or permission of the Warden. Such celebrations, if permitted by Warden, shall be confined to the Hostel only and observed in a manner that the sentiments of the co-boarders or visitors or others in the locality or outside are not offended.
No ragging is permitted in the premises of the hostel. Anyone indulging in ragging will face stiff punishment and is liable to be expelled from the hostel.
Unauthorized occupation of rooms, sub-letting rooms and allowing any other student to live in their room will disqualify the students for accommodation in the Hostel. In such cases, the Warden / Principal may confiscate the students deposit or penalize the student for such act and the students may be expelled from the Hostel without notice.
A boarder may take grievances to the Warden who shall make efforts for redressal of those that are genuine.
Additions and modifications to these rules / regulations will be notified whenever necessary and they are binding on the boarders.
A senior Doctor will be available for consultation, checkups free of cost on regular basis. Health care Centre is being maintained in the hostel premises.

Hostel Rules

Only bonafide students of NIT & MS and such others as may be permitted by the Principal or his nominee will be given accommodation in the hostel.
The students admitted to NIT & MS and such others permitted by the Principal, requiring hostel accommodation should pay the hostel deposits, room rent and other hostel charges in full for the term at the time of joining the hostel.
The allotment of seats will be made on first come first served basis and no change is permitted unless authorities are personally satisfied that such change could be allowed and accord permission in writing. In case of room mates staying together and wishing to contnue in the same room with the partner for the next term, they have to remit the hostel deposits together on the same date before the vacation starts, get the room alloted and take charge of the room after the vacation before starting the next term.
All those admitted to the hostel should occupy the rooms allotted to them and shall given an acknowledgement of the furniture and fittings handed over to their charge. When they leave the hostel finally, they will be required to hand over the furniture and fittings to the hostel office and will be chargeable for all damage thereof, if any. No extra furniture or electrical fittings are allowed in the rooms without the written permission of the Warden. Finess will be levied on persons found damaging any property of the hostel such as electrical and plumbing fittings, furniture’s etc. COOKING OF ANY TYPE OF FOOD IN THE ROOMS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
Members are required to bring their own mattresses, mosquito nets and such other requirement. Though watch and ward arrangements are provided, the NIT & MS shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property belonging to the residents of the hostel. The occupants will provide their own lock & key for locking the room and will be responsible for the safety of the belongings. Members who expect to be away from the hostel for short periods exceeding 24 hours shall inform the Warden of their absence indicating the probable time of their return. Absence from the hostel without permission for more than a month may entail cancellation of the accomodation and the adjustment of the deposit towards dues. Notice of intention to vacate a room must be given in writing in the prescribed form kept in the hostel office.
Students who have been allotted new rooms will have to shift to the new accomodation within two days from the date of allotment and hand over the possession of old room or cancel the new allotment in writing. Keeping both rooms beyond the stipulated period will be viewed seriously and attracts rent at guest rates ie., Rs 500 per day (for allotment) till the possession of one of the rooms is handed over to the hostel authorities.
The security deposit is refunded only at the end of the final year when the student leaves the hostel. This deposit is subject to deduction for any loss of equipment provided to him if it is lost or not accounted for by them at the end of each academic year ( like furniture, fans, mirror etc…) The maintenance charge collected will include reading room fees. This establishment charge may be revised from time to time if necessary. Broken crockery. Spoons and small articles lost shall be made good by the boarders at the end of the month. Students shall not keep any valuable and objectionable articles in the rooms. Students shall not write or display slogans, ugly posters, flags in his room or anywhere in the premises and help to keep room premises clean.
Residents in the Hostel will have to pay the hostel deposits as indicated……. Students shall vacate the hostel as soon as they complete the requirements for their degree. Their stay in the hostel after the stipulated time without prior permission from the Warden shall be treated as unauthorised stay and action will be taken to take possession of the seat/room in addition to charging room rent Rs. 500 per day.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking of cigarettes etc., in the hostel premises is completely banned. If found indulging in above activities students are liable for expelling from hostel including for fitting of their entire deposits.
Prof.N.C Patil
HOD (Department of ECE)
#92, Vaderahalli,
Harohalli Hobli,
Kanakapura Main Road,
Bengaluru – 562 112
email :
#92, Vaderahalli,
Harohalli Hobli,
Kanakapura Main Road,
Bengaluru – 562 112

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